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Get your flask of java ready and your itching fingers primed to press play, for Cafe Casino is live and onsite now! This delicious online casino allows you to play from virtually anywhere (as long as your country's laws allow online casino gaming and gambling), and also if there's an internet or WiFi mobile connection. Once these conditions are satiated, you stand to enjoy countless videos slots, the top video poker options and dozens of table games well into the night - for many nights in a row until you've exhausted their expansive library. And, since Cafe Casino is powered by software from Game Houses such as Real Time Gaming, Qora, Bovada Gaming, the Asian outfit WooHoo Games and Rival Gaming, you can always look forward to new releases constantly giving you extra options inside the casino lobby.

Cafe Casino's commitment to their incoming gamers is so robust that they have, first and foremost, a section entitled "Most Popular", so that you can go straightaway to the games that have delivered the most fun and the most riches for lucky gamers. Adjacent to this section is the menu item entitled "New Games", from which you can access the new titles released every single month by Real Time Gaming (they specifically made a commitment to release new video slots monthly for the foreseeable future) and others. Next, there's the Slots category, the Blackjack menu item, the robust and prodigious Table Games section, the Specialty Games menu item, Video Poker, Live Dealer Casino, Jackpot Slots and Tournaments. After you download the casino software and become a member, you then have access to the Featured Promotion, which comes with a so-called Mystery Bonus that will have you salivating. Just create an account to see what Cafe Casino has to offer in full.

The Java Factory: Cafe Casino Picks

Before we get into reviewing the many examples of top slots awaiting you once inside, you should know that there are editor's picks - and a section in which you can find them. Some of these are the Fairy Wins Slots review, the 5 Times Vegas Slot assessment, the A Night With Cleopatra Slots review and the Fast & Sexy Slots review. By playing these first, you can obtain a comprehensive idea of what the rest of the Cafe Casino library has to offer. There's even a section on the extra benefits conferred by using Bitcoin to make a deposit at the casino, as well as the ability to withdraw any winnings directly to your Bitcoin wallet. Specifically, there are three steps to getting started with the world's foremost crypto, after which you won't need to go through the set-up again.

There are weekly perks and promotions once you join cafe Casino, and you can rack up multiple bonuses with which to extend your streaks. The Specialty Games section has specific information on the odds associated with such industry standards like Keno, Craps, Dice and Super Keno. There's more, of course; just head to the entitle section and check them out. Moreover, you can read quite a few articles on their site, in the blog post section, apprising you of the benefits of gaming using Bitcoin, along with the best mobile slots to play using the same. There are certain slots bonuses available depending on the payment options you use, so it's best to know which ones are most profitable before you make a deposit. Then, head on over to the Most Popular Online Slots to Play menu item at Cafe Casino and engage.

Cafe Casino Video Slots Section

To give you an idea of the type of pokeys that await you at Cafe Casino, we'll review a handful of choice selections. These come from industry giants like Real Time Gaming, Rival Gaming and Bovada Gaming; as such, you'll be pleasantly rewarded with visuals and gameplay even if you opt to stick with the free Flash mode that's available on from your mobile device. If you opt to actually download instead, then a whole new world of opportunities present themselves; it starts off with you receiving a generous Welcome Match Bonus withy which to increase your starting bankroll.

  1. Golden Buffalo Slots: Golden Buffalo Slots is just one of those pokies that takes you back to the golden era of online casino gaming Slots - when the symbol combination payouts were robust, and the symbols themselves were simple and recognizable. Fittingly, the Austere Buffalo sign serves as the substitute icon in this game, and five of a kind delivers a 300 gold coin win. Four of the Austere Buffalo symbol get you 250 gold coins; whereas three of a kind of the Austere Buffalo delivers 200 gold coins, and two Austere Buffaloes on the reels simultaneously are worth 50 gold coins. When they replace any of the other symbols, they have the potential of doubling and tripling your wins. The Scatter Hunter symbol pays in any position, and Be replaced by the wild; five of a kind of the Scatter Hunter is worth 800x; four of a kind of the Scatter Hunter delivers 400x, and three of a kind of the Scatter Hunter pays you 80x. The variable x is your wager in the real money version of Golden Buffalo Slots. The next symbol is the Peregrine Falcon; five of a kind of the Peregrine Falcon symbol delivers 300 gold coins; four of a kind of the Peregrine Falcon icons gives you 200 gold coins, whereas three Peregrine Falcon symbols are worth 80 gold coins and two Peregrine Falcon's pay you 20 gold coins. Next is the Ferocious Cougar symbol, and a handful of them appearing at the same time on the reels pays you 250 gold coins; four Ferocious Cougars pay you 200 gold coins, three of a kind of the Ferocious Cougar pays you 80 gold coins, and two Ferocious Cougar symbols are worth 20 gold coins. Following on the heels of this big cat is the Arctic Gray Wolf symbol; five of a kind pays you 150 gold coins, for four of a kind of the Arctic Gray Wolf you win 100 gold coins, three Arctic Gray Wolf symbols pay 40 gold coins, and deuces of the Wolf still get you 10 gold coins. The last of the character icons is an absolute tank of an ungulate - the North American Moose. Five of a kind of the North American Moose pays 150 gold coins, for four of a kind of the North American camels icon you win 100 gold coins, three North American Mooses are worth 40 gold coins, and two North American camels symbols pay 10 gold coins. As a closing salvo, you are advised that Golden Buffalo Slots also has all of the table game poker suits from Ace to numerals 10 and 9.
  2. Dragon Blast Slots: Dragon Blast Slots is a whirlwind of a video pokey route to you from the magnificent Genesis Gaming library coffers. In this one, you are the lone hero battling a fiery Red Dragon - the biggest and the worst of them all in many ancient doors. The substitute symbol is a Cantonese Chinese Character, and it goes wild when it shows up to replace one of the regular symbols for an improved payout. All by itself, five of a kind of the Cantonese Chinese Character wild icon delivers a 500 game credit reward; four of a kind of the Cantonese Chinese Character get you 100 game credits, three Cantonese Chinese Characters are worth 20 game coins or credits, and a couple of the Cantonese Character still pay you 10 game credits. The next very important symbol is known as the scatter, and cannot be replaced by the substitute. It is represented by a Chartreuse Shining Star; Five of a Kind of the Scattered Shining Star Get You a Reward of 5x - with the variable X representing your bet and the real money game. For shining star symbols are worth 4x, and three shining star scatter symbols get you 3x. As for the regular symbols in the slot, the first one is a gold bag in a tab; five gold bags and a term are worth 50 game credits, for four of a kind of the gold bag in a tub symbol you win 15 game credits, three gold bags in a term pay you 10 game credits, and two gold bags in the top pay you 5 game credits. On the heels of this one is a blazing gold cauldron symbol; five of a kind pays you 45 game credits, four blazing gold cauldron's pay you 15 game credits, three blazing gold cauldron symbols are worth 5 game credits, and two of a kind of the blazing gold cauldron symbols are worth 2 game credits.The last two regular symbols are a triple golden red ring arrangements and a single gold circle. The first one, for five of a kind on the reels, pays you 40 game credits. For four of a kind of the triple gold rings you win 15 game credits, whereas three triple gold ring symbols pay you 5 game credits. Lastly we have the single gold circle symbol; five of a kind pays you 30 game credits, 4 Single Gold Cir. symbols pay you 10 game credits, and three single golden circles are worth 5 game credits. The remaining symbols are from the table game Video Poker.
  3. Crystal Crater Slots: Forget this zany appearance of a Royal purple mole rat digging deep beneath the earth surface for access to precious gems and crystals; Crystal Crater Slots is more about the awesome cash and prizes that await the lucky real money gamer. Is a very special bonus feature called the Mystery Choice, which can endow you with many free spins as well as random wild symbols that can potentially extend your winning streak. The bonus tricks in the game are potentially limitless in terms of re-triggers, so you can just keep on winning to your hearts content throughout the night. The symbols on the reels come in all shapes, sizes, and agreed-upon values; you find purple gems, gold crystals, major rocks worth a pretty penny on the open market, pure diamonds, verdant emerald gems and deep blue crystals. As you delve further into this game, you will find that the mole rat is actually of extraterrestrial origin and travels from planet to planet looking for space caves and extremely precious metals to trade back on his home planet. One wonders just how little the interstellar fuel must cost to justify his journeys - but that is neither here nor there. Sporting 50 pay lines, Crystal Crater Slots is a big one and it has finally landed at Café Casino for your gaming pleasure. As you spin, you will notice that the alien mole rat except for deeper into the deep caverns and has a better and better chance to strike gold as ceased belongs to the hopeful bottom. As for the bonus symbols, the first one is a so-called Stacked Diamonds Substitute, which is all about improving your chances of getting matching symbols for a bolstered payout.Of interest to you real cash players, is the fact that if you wager $250 on each spin and pay the requisite number of pay lines, you can win between $7125 and $19,725 is a gargantuan single payout. Some of the available options include winning tutor three substitute symbols +20 free games, or 3 to 5 substitute Wilds +10 free games and lastly 5 to 7 substitute symbols along with 5 free games. Download today and play this outer space intrigue from Genesis Gaming.
  4. Fury of Zeus Slots: Anyone who is familiar with Greek mythology certainly understands that the chief of the gods is none other than lightning-bearing Zeus. King of all he surveys, he once held his wife Hera aloft, bound by a golden chain extending between heaven and earth simply because she displayed too much dissatisfaction with his many infidelities. The problem with this, of course, is that a god should be allowed many dalliances - particularly with mortal women. Nonetheless, this 5x 3 grid arrangement is perfect for a video Slots sporting 30 pay lines. The Return to Player value is 95.97%, which denotes the fact that you got a pretty good chance of landing the winning combinations that payout so well - assuming, of course, that you have chosen to download the casino software and play for real money and prizes. One of the chief symbols is the Crown of Hestia; she is the Greek goddess of the hearth, and one of the few goddesses with whom Zeus did not have any dalliances. Depending on how many of the Crown of Hestia symbols you land in a row between one and five of a kind, you can win between $0.05 and $1.50 per line. Another symbol is a Brilliant Silver Greek Coin bearing the visage of Caesar, himself; if you land anywhere between one-of-a-kind and five of a kind of the Silver Coin of Caesar you can win between $0.15 and $2.00. There's also the Greek Lyre of the god Hermes symbol; once again, landing anywhere between one-of-a-kind and five of a kind of the Greek Lyre of Hermes will get you between $0.20 and $2.50 on the pay lines. The top symbol, of course, is the lightning God himself; anywhere between one-of-a-kind and five of a kind of Zeus grants you between $0.04 and $5.00 on the pay lines. There are many bonus is to be had in this game due to the plenitude of Special Bonus Features; download today to find out more about the Fury of Zeus Slots at Café Casino.
  5. Lawless Ladies Slots: If there's one thing prettier than pretty ladies, it is a pretty lady who isn't shy about exercising her second Amendment right to bear arms. A decisively feminist re-envisioning of what it was like in the old Wild Wild West, WooHoo Games' Lawless Ladies Slots replaces the men with the gun-toting women as arbiters of the law. Assuming that you wish to play for cash opportunities, the smallest allowed coin denomination is $0.01 whereas the highest allowed coin denomination is $1.00. The highest payout in the game is a whopping 40,000x - with x representing your wager. The various Lawless Ladies on the reels payout different amounts, along with the character symbols. The Marine Lady pays you 250 coins if you land five of a kind; the Indigo Lady is worth 50 game credits or gold coins if you land five of a kind; the Verdant Lady get you 20 gold coins for five of a kind; the Chocolate Lady is worth 12.5 gold coins for five of a kind, the Old-fashioned Revolver with six chambers delivers 12.5 gold coins; the Dagger get you 10 gold coins, the Bottle of Spirits is worth 10 gold coins as well, the Horse With pays you 10 gold coins and the basic weapon known as the Slingshot delivers 10 gold coins. If the Lady Wild symbol makes a substitution for any non-scatter symbol, you enjoy triple whatever the pay table would otherwise have paid. You can also win a bevy of free spins if the scatter symbol appears either five times, four times of three in a row; this also games you entry into the Special Bonus Round

Banking at the Cafe

Banking is of course quite important. With that said, you can use Courier Cheque at Cafe Casino, as well s regular old Wire Transfer. The casino house also, of course, accepts cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin (BTC, BCH and LTC on your crypto stock tickers). For those of you who still favor traditional ways to send money, there's Visa and Mastercard - you can also simply use your debit card for direct bank transfers. The last is available for both deposits and withdrawals. The eligible currencies are USD, Bitcoin.