It was Andrew and Mark Rivkin who co founded the Cryptologic in the year 1995. These were brothers; they had conceived and developed the mechanisms which aid the conduction of the secure online financial dealings. They after that went further to develop online gaming software which will make use of the financial transactions tools. This therefore facilitated the launching of the very first online casino that was called the InterCasino, in the year 1996.

However the Cryptologic became listed for the first time at the Toronto Stock Exchange market in the year 1998, and was also listed on the NASDAQ in the year 2000. It was equally listed at the prestigious London Stock Exchange market in year 2003. When the legislation for the UIGEA was approved by the United States Government in the year 2006, Cryptologic was withdrawn from the American stock exchange market. Presently the Cryptologic online casinos would not accept any player from the United States of America.

Tremendous Growth

Today the game has grown tremendously; it is the second biggest patronized online games in the world and it had additional 20 games and even more in a year to the already increasing number of games. The generality of the casino games industry is covered most especially those games that make use of cards and the table games, including the video poker and the slots machine games. When we talk of the card and table games we refer to the roulette and blackjack among some others. Slots are at the heart and the center of the Cryptologic. Cryptologic is in fact the clear leader of all the games that are generally called the branded slot games.

What these games do is that they branded the existing games from other existing entertainment games and formed an online game that is based on the copied brands. Cryptologic has teamed with Marvel Comics to make slots purely on the super hero criteria. Among the most popular and common online slot games include the Hulk and the Spiderman; these are called the Marvel Slots. Not long ago Cryptologic teamed with the Paramount Digital to create the online slots that was based on the characters formed from well known movies.

Jackpot Sharing

However, progressive slots of Cryptologic do not provide the type of big payout which amounts to many millions of dollars. However, it has come with a new concept that would entail the sharing of jackpots in the games. For instance the Movie titled the Mayhem series of slots partake in the progressive jackpot game.

Cryptologic online casino has advanced very well; the software provides different features that are available in that sector and even beyond. These online casinos games are indeed both multi currency and multi lingual. This software is downloadable with an instant play formats.