Types of Slots

Since the Slots Liberty Bell machine invention, a lot of changes and shifts have taken place. The first Slot machine was very simple and its options were unvaried. All machines had classic standard three-reeled games. Nowadays all Slot players can enjoy all these numerous types of exciting animated Slot games. And sometimes it even can be rather complicated to choose at least one game to play. This article will help you to make a decision on what machine to play on. The following types are played in both land based and online casinos. So, anyone can play Slot machine.

Slot machines types


This type of the Slot machine accepts multiple-coin bets. One can play from 1 to 5 coins or even more. The bet corresponds to the size of the winning combination. Double coin bet will double the winning, triple bet will triple and so on. The only exception is the jackpot which is the highest paid combination. For example, the jackpot for 1 coin is 800 coins, but it will be 2000 coins if the same combination is hit with 2 coins, etc. Slot machines with single con bets practically disappeared from all casinos.

Wild symbol Slots

These machines accept multiple-coins bet either. But they have a symbol which can substitute any other symbol. It called a "wild symbol". For example, there are 2 bars and the third one is a wild symbol. It means that the third one is substituted by a wild symbol and it is a winning combination with three bars.


This type of the Slot game has several payoff lines and not a traditional one. Usually, it contains 3 horizontal payoff lines, but sometimes there can be two additional pay lines, which crisscross the window of the machine.


This multiple-coin Slot machine has only one payoff line and different winning combination.

Progressive Slots

These are multiple-coin Slot machines which are usually connected with each other by a network. That's why the jackpot in such machines depends on the previous players' bets and contributions. For this very reason such jackpot can be really huge.

Video Slots

Since 1980s this type of Slot game is extremely popular. There is a great variety of Video Slot games. Video Slots are also can be of such types as multi-liners, buy-your-pay or multipliers.