Liberty Slots Casino

What other gaming spot is like unto Liberty Slots Casino? They have been around since the days of Vegas Tech, before the former was changed to Wager Gaming and began promoting the massive Real Time Gaming suite of casino gaming options. As is to be expected, there's a huge selection of menu items on the landing page of the website, which you can visit anywhere there's a WiFi connection, or using the mobile data on your phone or tablet. The vibrant bluish template has a serene image of Lady Liberty in the background, which is derived from the Morningstar and shows that the US is the light-bearer of old. Come on in and sign up to have the full spate of the Liberty Slots lobby options accessible to you; otherwise, forego the download and just play the in-browser Flash version in order to play for free.

Liberty Slots Casino is home to a multitude of Classic 3 Reel Slots, 5 Reel Video Slots, a plenitude of Video Poker options, Blackjack and other table games. Of interest primarily to real money gamers is the Progressive Slots section that has a continuously growing jackpot that can be one randomly as the top reward. You can also enter into internment play in the appropriate section; here, you play against casino gamers from all around the world in select jurisdictions. If you don't know where to start, just check out the entitled New Games Section, with the latest releases from Real Time Gaming and others have found a home. This includes slots such as The Wicked Wizards Slots, Mega Money Mine Slots, a Septuagint of jackpots available in the former, and many Wheel of Fortune look-alikes. Additionally, you can check out the This Week at Liberty Slots section in order to be informed about the latest promotions.

Extra Information on Liberty Casinos Offers

As for the gaming providers, you can look forward to elite software from Wager Gaming Technology (formerly called Vegas Tech), a few hits from Real Time Gaming, and the China-themed Dragon Gaming studio. With a Popularity Score of 10, it seems that all the gamers here have agreed on one thing: gaming here is of the top-notch variety. By way of introduction to the many gifts that could be in store for you in this gaming hall of chance, once you download the casino software and present a deposit, you will receive a Welcome Bonus of 100% that's good for up to $777 that can be spread out over three separate deposits. Of course, there are some geological restrictions on where you can play from since not all nations and locales are as progressive as they need to be when it comes to the adult gaming space. Gamers from Russia and California are currently restricted; basically, if you type in the website name and are hit with a sign that says "Gaming Restricted", then you cannot play here.

Almost every single game mentioned above is available for the real cash gamer; the only difference, of course, is that you don't stand to win anything tangible if you choose to simply play Flash in your Safari browser, or Android Chrome and Mozilla Firefox mobile browsers. The real cash is replaced by a virtual thing called "fun money."; this way, you can still experience the excitement that comes with playing in earnest - but not the rewards that may come about as a result of luck and chance. To unlock the latter (potentialities), consider the size of the bankroll with which you wish to play - don't ever gamble with more than you can stand to lose - and download for full access. As a bonus boost, Liberty Slots Casino will give you a load of extra cash with which to bet on your favorite pokies or table games. Just picture the happiness that you'd have if you were fortunate enough to actually win big-time using House Cash?! Download today and visit the website's Promotions section for more information.

Video Slot Selections at Liberty Slots Casino

Now we finally get to the most exciting time of this review, in which we will shortly relate to you a handful of the most fantastic video Slots at Liberty Slots Casino. If you choose to join the titular Liberty Slots Rewards Program, then it will only cost you an extra $25 deposit in order for you to be preferentially lined up to receive free bonuses from the casino periodically for a full calendar year. Additionally, you are automatically placed on the first tier of the Rewards Program at Bronze level (for reference, it goes up to Diamond Level - in order of Silver, Gold, Platinum and so on and so forth). Another offer before you delve into the following video Slots is the 150% bonus that good for deposits of $150; additionally, you also receive 50 Free Games on the Classic Slots known as Cash Grab. The coupon is on the website.

  1. Arctic Queen Slots: As frigid as they come, this old gal ought to be from Iceland or any of the other perpetually-cold Nordic countries. In Arctic Queen Slots, she functions as the substitute symbol and goes wild on the second, third and fourth reels alone. During this, she replaces any other non-scatter symbol to help of the player. The scatter symbol, so to speak, is represented by a mural of the Northern Lights; five Northern Lights get you a 100x payout, whereas four of a kind of the Northern Lights symbol get you 20x, three Northern Lights are worth 5x and two Northern Lights murals gets the player 2x payout in case you haven't figured out by now, the variable x represents which you put down at the betting lines of the start of the real money version of Arctic Queen Slot - the latter of which is only available via download. A high-ranking symbol is the Arctic Wolf, which for five of a kind on the reels pays you 5000 coins. For four Arctic Wolf symbols you win 500 coins, three Arctic War symbols gets the player 50 coins, and two Arctic Wolf icons pay 5 coins. The next symbol is an Element Seal; I handful of these pays the largest amount and 3000 coins, whereas for four Elephant seal symbols you win 300 coins, three of a kind of the Elephant seals pays you 30 coins and two Elephant seals pays 3 coins. Together there's the Galoshes Boots for the snow and the Warm It will symbols; five of a kind of either pays 500 coins, four of a kind of either pays 50 coins, and three of a kind of either pays 25 coins.The remaining symbols are low value in begin with the King and Ace; five of each page 300 coins, for four of each you win 30 coins, and three of each pays 20 coins. The next batch consists of the Jack and the Queen; five of each pays 200 coins, four of either the Jack or the Queen suit pays 15 coins, and three pays 10 coins. The last set of symbols in Arctic Coin Slots is a 9 and 10; five of a kind pays 150 coins, four of each pays 10 coins and three of a kind pays 5 coins.
  2. Birds of Paradise Slots: The Parrot, Chickadee, Orange catbird of paradise and the large-billed Toucan are all considered to be birds of paradise. This 5 reel, 35 pay line game from Real Time Gaming has everything you want and more from a video Slots. The substitute symbol is the Orange catbird and it can take out any other symbol in the game except for the scattered Birds Nest. Unlike other games, the substitute Orange Bird symbol pays out when only justice wild shows up on the reels. Five of a kind of the Orange catbird delivers 10,000 big ones in the form of game credits which can be translated into coins in your casino account. If you land four of the Orange Bird symbols you win 1000 game credits, three Orange Birds symbols get you 250 game credits, and two of the Orange bird get you 10 game credits. The scatter symbol is the Birds Nest, and five of them delivers 100x rewards; for four of the Orange Birds nest you get 20x, three Orange Birds nest symbols get you 5 game credits, and two Orange Birds nests are worth 2x.We will keep you waiting as we delve into the regular game character icons, starting with the Toucan bird; five of these are worth 2000 game credits, for four Toucan birds icons the payout is 500 game credits, three of a kind of the Toucan bird pays 50 game credits, and two Toucan birds are worth a single handful of game credits. Five of a kind of the Chickadee birds pay 1000 game credits, four of the double dose of Chickadee birds get you 300 game credits, three of the Chickadee birds are worth 25 game credits, and two Chickadee birds pay 5 game credits. As we pull up on the next two symbols, will find that they belong to a single batch since there worth the same payout. The binoculars and the hummingbirds, for five of a kind of each, pays 500 game credits. Four hummingbirds or for binoculars pay 100 game credits, and three of a kind pays 20 game credits.The bottom tier symbols consist of the poker cards A and K; ringing to for either one, five on the reels simultaneously gets you 200 game credits, for four of the A or the K cards you win 50 game credits, and three of a kind of either the A or the K pays 15 game credits. Next we have the Q and the J symbols; five of a kind of these pays 150 game credits, for four of the J for the Q you win 25 game credits, and three of a kind pays two fistfuls of game credits. The final symbols in the game are the 10 and 9 poker suits. Five of either one get you 100 game credits, four of either one get you 20 game credits and three get you 5 game credits. Download Birds of Paradise Slots and enjoy the game at Liberty Slots Casino.
  3. Caribbean Gold Slots: Caribbean Gold Slots is a high-seas adventure video slot that has the waves undulating - except, luckily, it's only on the screen in front of you. You can play the part of the swashbuckling pirate and hopefully employ the Skeleton Gold Coin as the Wild symbol replacing all of the regular symbols for increased payout by completing the winning combination. The only icon for which the Skeleton Gold Coin cannot make a substitution is the Scatter Pirate; otherwise, the wild descends onto the second, third, fourth and fifth reels and maintains those positions during the complete run of any free spins that you might lock onto. The Open Treasure Chest symbol, for five of a kind, releases a 100 game credit payout; if you land four Open Treasure Chest symbols your prize is 50 game credits, three of a kind of the Open Treasure Chest icons pay 15 game credits and two of them pays 5 game credits. Next is the Kings Goblet (which is, of course, a vibrant gold); five of a kind releases a 75 game credit payout, whereas four Gold Kings Goblets pay 50 game credits, three Gold Kings Goblet symbols pay 15 game credits, and two of them pay 5 game credits again. If you land five of a kind of the Double Daggers with Jeweled Hilts symbols, your prize becomes another 75 game credits; for four of them you win again 50 game credits, three of them pays 15 game credits and two of them pays 5 game credits. The next couple of symbols only payout for between five of a kind and three of a kind - no lower than that. The Silver Anchor, for five of a kind, pays 75 game credits; for four Silver Anchors you win 25 game credits, and three of a kind of the Silver Anchor symbols pays 10 game credits. The Parchment Scroll symbol, if five appear, gives you 75 game credits; four of them gives you 25 game credits, and three of them gives you another 10 game credits.The final symbols in Caribbean Gold Slots are the old reliable poker card jackets from Ace through 9. To keep things very simple, the first two of them (that would be the Ace and the King) pay you 50 game credits for five of a kind, 20 game credits for four of a kind, and 10 game credits for three of a kind. The next two icons are the Queen and the Joker; these pay 50 game credits for five of a kind, 15 game credits for four of a kind, and five game credits for three of a kind. The final set of symbols are the 9 and 10; they pay 50 game credits for five of a kind, 10 game credits for four of a kind, and a handful of game credits if you land three of a kind. Hopefully this very short summary piques your interest for Caribbean Gold Slots.
  4. Safari Stampede Slots: Safari slots are no surprise - especially when coming from a prodigious gaming house like Real Time Gaming. Safari Stampede Slots is no different here, and is virtually guaranteed to while you with the crispness of the graphical display as well as the riveting and fun gameplay. Let's start things off right with an assessment of the Elephant Substitute symbol; five of them pays you 300 coins, four Elephant Substitute icons pay 100 game coins, three of a kind pays 50 game coins and two of of the Elephant Substitute symbols are worth 10 game coins. This game makes a distinction between symbols of various values, and denotes the high-value symbols right on the game board. The first one is the Rapid Cheetah symbol; a handful of Rapid Cheetah symbols dominating the board provides a 150 game coin reward, even as four Rapid Cheetah symbols pays you 100 game coins and three of a kind of the Rapid Cheetah is worth 50 game coins. The second and final high-value symbol is the Golden Eagle; this pays 150 game coins if five of a kind appear, 100 game coins for four of a kind and 50 game coins for three Golden Eagle symbols.
  5. California Gold Slots: The mid-century Gold Rash is virtually synonymous with the state of California, which is why this relatively new pokey has gained popularity so quickly. Having 5 reels and 25 pay lines, California Gold Slots serves up a Zany Miner as the substitute symbol appearing on the fourth, third and second reels to potentially make your day. The scatter symbol is none other than a pristine Gold Nugget; five of them guarantees you a 100x reward, whereas four Gold Nuggets guarantees you a 15x payout, three Gold Nugget scatter symbols pay 5x your wager x, and a couple of Gold Nuggets get you 2x. A little bit about the game symbols other than the bonus ones: the Wealthy Texan symbol pays 5000 coins if a handful of him appears, 200 coins for four of him, 20 coins for three of him and 5 coins for two Wealthy Texan symbols on the game board. The next symbol is the Entrance to the Gold Mine; it pays 500 coins for five of a kind, 100 coins for four of a kind, 15 coins for three of a kind and 2 coins if just to Gold Mine symbols show up. The last of the high-paying symbols coming a batch of two, and these are a Stick of Dynamite and a Bucket of Gold. You are pay 200 coins if five of either appear, 25 coins for four of either and 15 coins for three of a kind. Download California Gold Slots to experience the full scope of this video Slot.

Operating Systems and Banking

In order to expand the number of potential applicants to the Liberty Slots Casino virtual premises, the software is supported by the most common and popular mobile operating systems today. This includes your Android operating system, your Apple iOS operating system and even Blackberry. As for the desktop gamers who don't mind being rooted to a workstation as they enjoy their table games and Slots well into the night, the software also supports Linux, Microsoft Windows and the Apple Mac. His knowledge of systems meet the minimum requirements - which are paltry by today's standards - they can support the games at this casino.

We mentioned earlier that the Welcome Bonus is a 100% Match Bonus that applies for a maximum of three separate deposits totaling $777. You can get there using the approved payment methods of MasterCard and Visa for your credit cards; Wire Transfer, Transfer Money, and Courier Check for your paper bank deposits; as well as some of the more rare European actions such as Moneybookers, Neteller, Ukash and EcoCard. Our favorite method of payment and deposits and withdrawals is of course the worldwide availability of crypto currency. Currently, Liberty Slots Casino accepts bitcoin only.