Slots Myths and Legends

Slot machines were invented hundred years ago. From that time there are a lot of fans of this interesting and exciting game. And it is no surprise that there a lot of different myths, legends and superstitions about Slots. This article is about what fiction is and what is true in all these numerous Slots myths.

Slots Myths

  • For example, a player spends couple of hours playing one Slot machine and gets up for buying a drink. When he comes back he finds somebody else at his machines. And some minutes later, that somebody wins a big jackpot. Of course, the first player thinks that he could win that very jackpot. So, it is definitely fiction! The thing is that RNG (Random Number Generator) operates all Slot machines and ensures the randomness of every single outcome. And it is no matter whether one spends two minutes or two hours at a particular Slot machine and all players have equal chances to hit a jackpot.
  • Some players decide to evade a particular casino/online casino because of the rumors that this very casino "rig" its Slot machines. In fact, it may be true. It is possible to substitute the computer chip which determines all Slot machines' payouts, but it will take a great effort and many difficult procedures from casino if they want to change something. The point is that every online casino goes through difficult process of determining the payouts with their software provider.

  • There are a lot different Slot winning strategies. Sometimes there are even so-called "ultimate" strategies that "guarantees" wins. Unfortunately it is a myth. One should avoid all these strategies because Slots game is a game of chance alone and there is no "strategy" that can change the RNG odds.
  • Online Slots are paying out less than those at brick and mortal casinos. That is also untrue. As a matter of fact online slot games' pay outs are actually higher than those in land based casinos. And also internet Slots offer a lot of different profitable bonuses for their players.