What casino out there is like unto Slots.LV? It is a breath of fresh air in the gaming space, in the way that it recreates almost precisely the atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar physical gaming hall. Since it is relegated to the online space, of course, it provides you with the enormous advantage of being able to game from your office, cubicle or the comfort of your house. The landing page is full of wonders, as all the slot themes of your hearts' desire can be accessed from there - whether you choose to be a real money gamer or the type that plays for free in order to get an idea of what's to come. No matter what you wish to find, from video poker to Specialty Options and Table Game s(as well as, of course, the nom de guerre), you will find it here. Slots.LV Casino is an absolute treasure trove of gaming delights that also provides the real cash player with a free economic respite by enabling fun-money virtual gaming. Stop by the website today and get some real gaming underneath your wing.

You might be wanting to know what gaming providers are here, since that makes all the difference in the caliber of games you can expect. The very first name on the list says it all: RTG, or Real Time Gaming, is king of all they survey when it comes to online casino gaming. Where else can you find brand new slots released every single month with great aplomb and much in the way of gaming pleasure. Plus, since it's open throughout the day and night, you can always get in a few rounds of play if you happen to awaken in the middle of the night and just want some fuel for the evening. Since there's no monetary requirement, the games can be stress-free and fun; however, the option to enact real cash chances is right there on the play-board. Some of the other gaming houses that are well-represented are the relatively new Qora gaming, as well as the Oriental WooHoo Games. There are a few older ones here, as well, which have withstood the test and travails of time: Bovada Gaming and Rival Gaming have many video slots here at Slots.LV Casino.

Slots.LV Line Up of Gaming Options

We can guarantee that you won't miss anything by choosing Slots.LV Casino over all of the other available options online; this rings true for both virtual players and physical-location gamers; Slots.LV gives you everything except for the hustle and bustle inside of a local joint. Real cash opportunities abound here, but that doesn't mean you need to make a deposit in order to enjoy the pokies. In the latter scenario, you just need to go to the casino website on your android or Apple iOS mobile device and make sure you have a compatible browser for the Flash Adobe program. In this free mode, you can play any table game, visit the Video Poker suite, specialty games and many different kinds of video Slots. You will find some very recognizable titles inside, such as the French Baccarat, Single Deck Blackjack, Keno and more. In the pokey section, get ready for a run of tried-and-true old Slots as well as the new titles are released monthly for your enjoyment.Some themes which remain standard no matter what casino house produces the game are the templates involving Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and you might even find an entry in the Ancient Babylonian, Sumerian, or Mesopotamian civilizations that rained the time of Nimrod, Kush and Semiramis.

Insofar as the latest entries are concerned, the Progressive Jackpots rise ever higher to entice more veterans to return to the online gaming space after the Coronavirus pandemic; as well as to introduce new gamers to the wonders of the casino gaming space. Can you imagine wagering just a few hundred dollars and playing all the pay lines of a monstrous 5 reel, 35 or 50 pay line slot and looking into the random hundred thousand dollar plus progressive jackpot?! There are truly life-changing sums of money available for the real money gamer upon whom luck shines. Among the many delectable new pokey that you find inside Slots.LV Casino or Larry's Lucky Tavern, Caesar's Victory Slots from the Roman Empire and her greatest Legion; Instant Inferno Slots, the Oriental-themed Year Of The Ox Slots and the very fun and festive Lion Dance Festival. There are of course numerous other options here that we won't necessarily get into until later on in this review when we provide you a short, 300 word summary of the top five Slots which serve as exemplars of what you'll find inside.

Slots.LV Video Pokies Introduction

Slots.LV Casino is one of the most eponymous Gaming Halls due to the fact that although there are a few table games and specialty options, really, this places all about the video Slots - ranging from the Classic 3-real variety, to the midsized 5-reel variety and the gargantuan 7-reel video Slots. In the following continuation of our review of this gamers paradise, we'll give you an idea of what a handful of the pokies here exude. Remember, you can play these in the free mode where only fun money is available for your wins (casino veterans usually counsel that the virtual mode is a good way to get some practice and learn the ropes of the various Slots); and, when you're ready, you can download the casino software and make a deposit for for access to real money possibilities.

  1. Lion Dance Festival Slots: Genesis Gaming is squarely in the house with their enigmatic Line Dance Festival Slots. Sporting a handful of pay lines along with a mid-size 25 pay lines of play, you can engage this game for free or for a chance at real money with a deposit. The top symbol is the Young Chinese Boy; sporting a traditional red hat and red garb, five of a kind of this symbol results in a 1000 game credit payout. For four Young the Chinese Boy symbols you win 500 game credits, and three of a kind of the Young Chinese cowboy symbol pays you 50 game coins. Next we've got the Gold Emblazoned Red Purse of Gold Coins symbol; that's a mouthful, but five of a kind resulting 1000 coins whereas for four of a kind you win the same 500 gold coins and three Red Purses pay you 50 game credits are coins. Right on the heels of this is a Gold Candelabra symbol; five of them pays you 1000 game credits, four pays you 500 game credits and three of them are worth 50 game credits. The last symbol in Line Dance Festival Slots that still has a character flavor is the Oriental Fan; five of them pays 500 coins, for four of them you win 100 game credits and three Chinese Fan symbols pay you 20 game credits.To fill out the rest of the pay lines we have the poker card jackets Ace, King, Queen, Joker, 10 and 9. For five of the Ace you get 250 game coins, four Ace symbols pay you 75 game credits, and three Ace symbols are worth 15 game credits. The King and the Queen as well as the Joker are worth the same; whereas the 10 and the 9 pay the lowest amount and are equal as well.You can play these to your hearts content and gamble as well at Slots.LV Casino on your mobile device or desktop PC tonight.
  2. Orion Slots: Anyone who has read Greek myths knows that Orion was a very mighty hunter whose patrilineage goes back to the god of the sea, Poseidon. In fact, his deeds were so great that after he perished, the lightning-god Zeus inscribed his visage in the sky as the constellation that bears his name to this very day (at least in Western civilization, anyway). His mother was one of the many daughters of the Cretan King Minos, and Orion's prodigious hunting abilities were still magnificent that he even bested the goddess Diana - also known as Artemis in the Greek. The 5 reel, 50 pay line pokey by Genesis Gaming is yet another ode to this Greek demigod. As expected, many of the symbols on the reels concerning his lifestyle and the elements of the hunt with which he became familiar when he reigned supreme. With an unconventional 4 rows, there's a lot of space in this video Slots to lineup the preferential symbols that could lead to big payouts. The theme incorporates the Greek Parthenon smoothly, and the many pillars that hold up the sky in the background are a refreshing reminder of just how much Western civilization borrowed from the Greek style of architecture. If you land Orion the Hunter five times simultaneously, you can win 1000 coins; if you land for Orion the Hunter symbols you win 750 coins, and three of a kind of Orion the Hunter pays you 100 coins. The next symbol is the goddess Artemis; five of a kind of Artemis pay 750 coins, for four of a kind of Artemis you win 250 coins, and three Artemis symbols pay you 50 coins. The brave Hunting Dogs that served Orion loyally during his life are also represented by symbols that pay 750 coins for five of a kind, 250 coins for four of a kind, and 25 coins if you land three Hunting Dark symbols in around. The final character symbol in the game is the Black Scorpion that was sent to sleigh Orion by a goddess in the mythologies; five Black Scorpion symbols pay 500 coins, for four Black Scorpion symbols you win 100 coins, and three Black Scorpion's pay you 20 coins. We guarantee you'll love Orion Slots; download tonight.
  3. Cat Kingdom Slots: Egyptian mythology clearly displays an almost extreme reverence of the cat; which explains why Cat Kingdom Slots is making the rounds at Genesis Gaming. The chief symbol is of course a Golden Cats; seven such cats pay you 200 gold coins, whereas six of a kind of the Golden cat pays you 50 coins, five Golden Cat symbols are worth 20 coins, four of them get you 10 coins, and three of a kind of the Golden Cat symbol is worth I handful of gold coins. The second symbol is just another variation and has the form of a Gray Statue. Seven cat statue symbols are worth 50 coins, six of a kind of the Statue symbols pay you 25 gold coins, five Statues are worth 15 gold coins, four of a kind of the Statue symbol returns seven gold coins and three of them pay you three coins. Somewhat understandably given that this is ancient Egypt, the third symbol in the game is an Egyptian princess symbol; seven of her pays you 200 coins, six of a kind of the Egyptian princess symbol pays you 50 coins, five Egyptian princess symbols are worth 20 coins, four Egyptian princesses pay 10 gold coins, and three Egyptian princess symbols are worth five gold coins. Ramses the Pharaoh is next and seven of him pays you 20 gold coins, whereas six Ramses symbols are worth 15 gold coins, five of a kind of Ramses the Pharaoh pays 10 gold coins, four of him pays five coins and three Ramses the Pharaoh symbols are worth to coins. The fifth symbol is a weird one looks to be a pink tablet on which hieroglyphs are written; seven equals 20 gold coins, six equals 15 gold coins, five such symbols equals a 10 gold coin payout, four Pink tablets sporting hieroglyphs are worth five gold coins, and three pink tablets pay you two gold coins. There's a lot to love here; for complete access you want to download. But if you feel like just plain these reels for fun than activate the Flash version of Cat Kingdom Slots in a supported browser.
  4. Caesar's Victory Slots: Who is like unto Caesar Augustus, the Emperor of Rome that was so beguiled by Cleopatra of Egypt? She had such an effect on him, that his uncle questioned rulership is not actually been called into question of late. But will role with the latter interpretation that the patriarchs were rulers over all for this review until evidence proves otherwise. Caesar's Victory Slots was created by none other than the new giant to enter the online casino gaming space, WooHoo Games. Boasting an average 5 reels and 20 pay lines, it's got a scintillating progressive jackpot along with substitute symbols, scatters and free spins courtesy of lining up multiple scatters simultaneously. The Return to Player value is an above average 96.04%. The theme is obviously Roman, who took over from the Greeks after Alexander the great died from the many venereal diseases that his licentious ways picked up. This is a betting game, if you choose, and you can place as paltry a psalmist $0.20 for an entire game, or as lofty a psalmist $200 per spin. Since it's a progressive, you can expect to win in excess of 40,000 times whatever you wagered at the beginning of this Pokey. Julius Caesar himself functions as a substitute symbol, and manifests solely on the fourth reel where four of a kind can pay 2500 coins. Also, Julius can supplant any other symbol in the game except for the Scatter Horse to complete a winning combination. This horse, if it lands multiple times, can trigger the Caesar's Victory Slots Free Spins Bonus Feature in which you can land 10 extra spins. In addition to the symbol combinations, the random progressive Jackpot can activate at any point in the game to truly cause your wins to skyrocket.
  5. Aztec's Treasures Slots: Time has not always been kind to one of the ancient civilizations that migrated to the Americas before the bumbling thief, murderer and fool Christopher Columbus; who, up until his death still thought that he had discovered India. Real Time gaming has nonetheless made an effort to recompense the original peoples of the land with this video Slots called Aztecs Treasure. It's a big one, and the magnificent scatter symbol is none other than a gold bust of Montezuma; five of a kind of the Montezuma Idol is worth 100 x - with x corresponding to your wager. Four of a kind of the Golden Montezuma Idol scatter symbol pays you 15 x, and three of a kind of the scattered Golden Montezuma Idol pays you 3x. The Wilds substituting symbol is the Aztec King and it dominates the second, third and fourth reels to make substitutions all over the board for enhanced payout 20 complete a winning combination. The first symbol is a very pretty Aztec Princess; five of her is worth 5000 game credits, four of a kind of the pretty Aztec Princess pays 500 game credits, three of a kind is worth 100 game coins, five Aztec Princesses pay a handful of game credits, and two Aztec Princess symbols pay 2 game credits. Next in line is a Ferocious Jaguar; five pays 2500 game credits, four of a kind of the Jaguar pays 250 game credits, three Jaguar symbols pay 100 game credits, and two Jaguar symbols are worth a handful of coins. There's a lot more to this magnificent and glorious pokey; download tonight to get the full story.

Banking - Deposits, Withdrawals and Acceptable Currencies

Banking has never been easier at the top-most online gaming casinos. With the explosion of payment processors, you can now use the ones endemic to and servicing your particular location in the world. Some of them are universal - such as cryptocurrencies and Courier Cheque, whereas others can only be applicable to players from the European Union and players from selected spots in North America (the United States, in particular, as the Canadian territories have not yet progressed to the point where online gambling is pervasively allowed. With all this said, you can employ Litecoin using the stock ticker LTC, as well as the king of all crypto, Bitcoin, using the stock ticker BTC. If you reside in the Western Hemisphere, then american Express, Visa and Mastercard might be your viable go-to's for deposits - but these are not eligible for withdrawals, of course. There's also Rapid Transfer as a payment method.withdrawal option, and Local Bank and Fast Bank methods.. If all else fails, Slots.LV is quite willing and capable of accepting USD cash and Interac.