Intertops Casino Classic

If online gaming is what you seek, then you'd be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive suite anywhere other than Intertops Casino Classic - this place has all the online casino games you desire, as well an integrated sportsbook for you race-horse and professional games-gamblers. It's an international spot, too, which means that as long as gambling and gaming are legal where you're at, then you're certainly welcome to join via download and the creation of a casino account. You will be pleasantly surprised when you navigate here, because you'll find a robust suite of Table Games, a blog filled to the brim with strategies for winning at casino games (or rather, more accurately, increasing your chances), Specialty Games and of course the much sought after video Slots.

All the games in the casino lobby are available to be played even if you ultimately decide not to become a member through download and play for real money opportunities, to activate the fun mode, simply click the Instant Play to be presented with the Flash Casino. If you want a chance at the Sports book, however, there is a deposit required - this deposit, as long as it meets the minimum requirements, is attended by a $200 Sign-Up Bonus from the Intertops Casino Classic House coffers. In the previous case where you opt not to download, you do not need to create a username and password to access the games. Once the Adobe flash program starts and you pick a game to play, you will simply be able to spend those reels or roll those dice and see what comes up. If you happen to win, then your reward is an on-screen display of something called "virtual cash". Of course, you do not receive this digital money, although it can be satisfying to know that luck smiled on you and that particular round. Casino veterans advise that you do not tarry here too long; get the ropes of the games by playing the free version, then download expeditiously in order to be actually rewarded for your efforts. The choice is yours.

Intertops Casino Classic Slot Selections Galore

One thing is for certain - once you arrive at Intertops Casino Classic mobile, there's a very good chance that you will never leave again! The video slot selection is that awesome; you can find Classic Slots (those possessing just 3 reels and relatively bare-bones appearance so that the primary focus can be on gameplay. With Classic Slots, the themes usually consist of fruits, the numeral 7 in various primary colors and simple color combinations, and gold bars in various quantities. In recent years, however, the competition has altered the landscape and now you can find really cool (and sometimes excessive, in our humble opinions) animations for the formerly-simple 3 Reel Slots. Continuing, you can also get your fill of 5 Reel Video Slots from such houses as Wager Gaming and Real Time Gaming. The rare 7 reel slot is available in the casino lobby. Without much more ado, consider the handful of slot examples below to whet your appetite.

  1. Solomon's Mines Slots: In all the history of the earth, there has never been a man wiser than King Solomon of Israel - unless your including Yashua who came to earth as a man with a boundless spirit to be a sacrifice for sins for the Israelites. Without delving too deep into the history of the Torah and the Tanakh, the makers of Caribbean Gold Casino software has released this interesting video Slots in commemoration of the great Solomon's wisdom. The substitute symbol is a strange woman named Penelope, who has no historical equivalents but nonetheless shows up on the second, third and fourth reels to help you out with the game by replacing all non-scatter symbols. The loan scatter symbol in the game is apparently a book of wisdom that looks suspiciously like the Bible, and for five of a kind of this Book of Wisdom scatter symbol you win 100x - which basically means that you win 100 times your wager in the real money option (which is only available through download; otherwise, you just play the free Flash version in your mobile browser). If you land four of a kind of the Bible symbol you win 20x, three of a kind of the Book of the Law symbol get you 5x, and landing to Bible symbols you win 2x. The scatter pays the full amount no matter which way it runs; basically, it pays in both the left to right procession and the right to left procession. The Skull and Bones game symbol pays you the most in terms of gold coins; five of a kind of the Skull and Bones pays 2000 gold coins, for four of a kind of the Skull and Bones symbol you win 400 gold coins, three caps gold and Bones symbols gets the player 100 gold coins, and two of them pays you 5 gold coins in Solomon's Minds Slots. The next symbol are Cave Spelunking Tools, and a full role of five of them pays you 1000 gold coins; for four of the Cave Spelunking Tools symbols you win 300 gold coins, three of the Cave Spelunking Tools are worth 75 gold coins and two of the symbols pays you 5 gold coins. Following these we have a Gold trinket and and Irregular Ruby Gemstone symbol; there worth the same amounts and so they are regarded together in this game. Five of a kind of them pays you 500 gold coins, four pays you 150 gold coins, and three of the Gold Trinket symbol or three of the Irregular Ruby Gem symbol pays you 25 gold coins.The remaining symbols in the game are the poker card insignias ranging from the Ace to the 9. Both the King and the Ace pays you 200 coins if you land five of them, 40 gold coins if you land four of a kind, and 15 gold coins for three of them each. When it comes to the second set of the Joker and the Queen poker symbols, you win 150 gold coins for five of a kind, 25 gold coins for four of a kind and tangled coins if you land three of the Joker or three of the Queen. As for the 10 and the 9, you are paid 100 gold coins if you land five of them each, or 20 gold coins if you land four of them each, and 5 gold coins if you land three.
  2. Agent Cash Slots: Agent Cash looks to be a handful, and should remind you of the timing your youth when you are a secret agent for either the Soviets or the Americans. Of course, for most of us, neither one of these was to - but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this 5 reel, 25 pay line slot by Amaya Gaming. The wild symbol is the Secret Spy Insignia; five of the substitute symbol gets the player an amazing 25,000 game credits; four of the substitute Secret Spy Insignia symbol is worth 1000 game credits, three of the Secret Spy Insignia icon pays you 175 game credits, and two of them pays you just 12 credits for a big drop-off from five of a kind. The games scatter emblem is a Green Bull's-eye Board and all payouts with which it is associated are multiplied by the number of game credits you wagered at the start. Therefore, if you land five scatter icons, you are rewarded with 25x; if you land four scatter icons you are rewarded with 10x; garnering three of a kind of the scatter icons pays you 5x, and getting to scatter icons on the game board results in a 2x reward. The last bonus symbol in the game is the Agent Cash, himself. All you need to do to tap into his rewards scale is to get three of them to show up anywhere on the game board and thereby activate the Free Spin Feature in Agent Cash Slots. The next symbol is the Target Schematics; if you land five in a row of the Target Schematics symbol you win 1500 game credits, whereas for four of the Target Schematics symbol you win 250 game credits, three of the Target Schematics symbols get you 50 game credits and two of them get you 4 game credits. If you managed to get a handful of Silver Briefcase symbols on the game board your prize is 500 game credits; if you managed to land four of a kind of the Silver Briefcase symbol you win 150 game credits, three of a kind get you 30 game credits and two Silver Briefcases are worth 4 game credits. As for the Open Laptop, five of them are worth 250 game credits, for four of them you win 100 game credits, three Open Laptop symbols pay you 20 game credits and that's all you get for lined up symbols here. Winding things down, we get to the Portrait symbol in Agent Cash Slots; five of them pays 200 game credits, four of them pays you five game credits, and three of them pays 20 game credits. Finally there's the Blood Feather symbol - you receive 125 game credits for five of a kind, 50 game credits for four Blood Feathers and 15 game credits if you managed three of a kind on the reels.As usual, the close out, low-paying symbols are from the table game known as poker - Ace through 10 this time (for some reason, 9 is excluded).
  3. Funny Money Slots: You probably find that this doesn't really ring true in terms of an economic downturn, but on this video slot, this certainly is a thing such as funny money. To have a chance at real money, make sure you download the casino software before you play and bet. The substitute symbol is the Boss, and he dominates the fourth, third and second reels in order to help you out; the only symbol for which you cannot make a substitution is the scatter Club symbol. In addition to what it pays out, the scatter Club also activates Funny Money Slots Free Games Bonus Feature when three or more of them shows up in any position on the game board. As for the payout endemic to the number of scatter Gloves you receive, five of them get you 100x, four scatter Club symbols pays you 20x, three of a kind of the scatter Club symbol gets the player 5x, and two scatter Club symbols ensures a 2x reward. On the paying character symbols side of things, there's the pretty Casino Girl that usually serves as a good luck charm for some lucky highroller. If you land five of the pretty Casino Girl symbol you win a jaw dropping 8000 game coins. The Casino Security Guards symbol pays you 1000 game coins if you land five of them on the reels, 150 game coins if you land four Casino Security Guard symbols, 25 game coins for three of a kind, and 4 game coins if you land two Casino Security Guards. The encounter together because they pay the same, we've got the Red Caboose car and the Bank of Taxable Cash symbols; counted separately, five of a kind of either pays you 500 game coins, whereas for four of a kind of either you win 100 game coins, and three of a kind of either the Red Caboose, or the Bag of Taxable Casino Cash symbols are worth 20 game coins. The next set consists of the Open Safe and the Triple Box Set; these pay 200 coins if you land five of either one, 50 coins for four of either and 15 coins if you land three of either. The second to last batch of symbols consists of a Bundled Cash symbol and, inexplicably, a Fishing Rod inside the casino. If you land five of these you win 125 game coins, if you land four of each you win 25 game coins, and three of a kind get you 10 game coins. Closing out Funny Money Slots is the last set consisting of a Newspaper and a Dish of Casino Cuisine five of each page 100 game coins, four pays 20 game coins and three get you 5 game coins. Download now for more.
  4. Fire Hawk Slots: Fire Hawk Slots is recognition of the original Native Americans in the Land of the North known as the United States. The zany of symbols here is the Fire Hawk Chief icon, which serves as the wild and appears on the second and fourth reels to bump off a symbol and complete a winning pay line for the payout. The only symbol that it cannot bump off is the Fire Hawk Matriarch symbol; the latter pays you 50x if five of them appear simultaneously; or it pays you 5x for four of them on the reels, and lastly 1x if three of a kind of the Fire Hawk Matriarch symbol scatters onto the reels. As an additional feature, the Fire Hawk Nature scatter symbol is also capable of triggering free spins opportunities when at least three of them descend onto different reels simultaneously. We the bonus symbols out of the way, we start the pay table rectification with the Fire Hawk Princess wearing the traditional garb of her Indian tribe. Five of a kind of the Fire Hawk Princess symbol pays you 5000 game shekels; for four of the Fire Hawk Princess symbol you win 1200 game shekels, three of a kind of the Fire Hawk Princess returns a 100 shekel payout (where using shekels to denote whatever currency the game happens to payout - it will be dollars if you're an American gamer, or pounds if you're a European Union or Australian gamer); landing just to Fire Hawk Princess symbols get you 2 game shekels. Next up is the Fire Hawk Dream catcher symbol; this pays you 1000 game shekels for five of a kind, 250 game shekels for four of a kind, 50 game shekels if three of a kind of the Fire Hawk Dream catcher icon appears, and 2 game shekels if just a couple of Dream catcher icons line the reels. In third place we have the Indian Instrument symbol; five of these allows you to indulge in a 500 game shekel reward, for four of these Indian Instrument symbols you win 200 game shekels, three of them pays you 40 game shekels. The last of the character symbols is a Herbal Pipe; your paid 400 game shekels if a handful of Herbal Pipes appear, 150 game shekels if four of a kind appear and 30 game shekels for three Herbal Pipe symbols.Making the poker symbols quick, this get right to it with five Blue Aces signaling a 250 game shekel release, or four of the Blue Ace symbols getting you 125 game shekels and three of them getting you 25 game shekels. As for the Cinnamon King symbol, this pays you 200 game shekels if you land five of them, 100 game shekels if you land four of them and 20 game shekels for three of a kind of the Cinnamon King suits. As for the Chartreuse Queen symbol, you receive 175 game shekels for five of a kind, 75 game shekels for four of a kind and 15 game shekels if three Chartreuse Queen symbols land on the reels. Next in line is the Cerulean Joker suit; this pays 150 game shekels if five show up, 80 game shekels if four shows up and 15 game shekels for three of a kind of the Cerulean Joker card. Five of the Marigold 10 pays you 100 game shekels, 50 game shekels for four to show up and 10 game shekels if three of a kind of the Marigold 10 appear. Closing out this review is the Emerald 9; this pays 80 game shekels for five of a kind, 45 game shekels for four and 5 game shekels for three of a kind of the Emerald 9 poker card suit symbol.
  5. Cash Caboose Slots: In the olden days, if you are part of an outlaw outfit, then the standard way of lifting a stash of cash was to rob a cash caboose. These were train cars that carried greenback bills from state to state to deposit in banks. Often times, they were guarded by sheriffs who happen to be traveling from one town to another. It is with this adventure-prone activity in mind that Real Time Gaming conceived Cash Caboose Slots. The top bonus symbol in the game is represented by the Choo-choo Train; by itself, it uncharacteristically pays out. Five Choo-choo Train symbols get you a scintillating 5000 game coins; for four Choo-choo Train symbols you still get an impressive 1500 game coins, three of a kind of the Choo-choo Train icons are worth 100 game coins and two of the wild Choo-choo Train symbols still pay you 10 game coins. Additionally, it can bump of any other non-scatter icon to help complete a winning pay line. The scatter symbol in the game is represented by a Train Caboose colored red; five of these appearing at once results in a 100x reward - x is the size of your wager. Four Train Caboose scatter symbols get you 20x, three Train Caboose symbols are worth 5x, and two of them are worth 2x. All it takes are at least three scattered Train Caboose icons to trigger the free spins around for more chances to corral the top prizes. As for the other symbols, you can walk home with a nifty 1500 game coins for five of the Smoking Train Conductor symbols on the reels; 250 game coins for four of the Train Conductor symbols, 25 game coins if three of a kind of the Smoking Conductor appearance and 3 game coins for just a couple of Smoking Conductors. Now we get to your role in the game if you identify more with the bank robbers than the good guys: the gun toting Bandit symbol pays you 250 game coins for five of a kind, 100 game coins for four of a kind, 20 game coins if three Bandit symbols show up and 2 game coins for two of a kind. Together now, the Green bag of cash symbol and the Green character symbols pay you 200 game coins if I handful appear; or 50 game coins for four of a kind, and 15 game coins if three Greenbacks of cash for three Green cacti shows up.In conclusion, both the Ace and the King pay 150 game coins if five appear, 30 game coins if four of a kind appear, and 10 game coins for three of them simultaneously. The Queen and the Joker pay you 100 game coins if five appear at the same time, 25 game coins if four of a kind descend and 5 game coins for three of a kind. The 9 and 10 pay 100 coins if five appear, 20 coins if four appear and 4 coins for three and in a row.

Intertops Casino Close-Out Summary

We leave you with a few gems regarding the casino library. When you join, you can hop onto the tiered Rewards Club known as Intertops Casino Red; with this, you receive a 125% Sign-Up Bonus along with the $200 sign a bonus that you got when you registered for the Sports book. As you ramp up the levels, you will find that you receive more and more bonuses and promotions exclusive to that particular rung of the ladder. In the Banking Section, you find that they accept virtually any currency or web wallet that you may possess - from crypto currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin, to more traditional payment forms like US currency and your MasterCard and Visa payment processors.