Bodog Casino

Viva la Bodog! The cry has gone out; from the provinces of Spain (where online gaming in casinos are allowed) to the fabulous cyber-realms of America - where US Players are allowed. Bodog Casino has opened its doors to gamers of all kinds; from the conservative gambler who likes to spend her time playing free Flash modes, to the liberal, true-to-life gambler that downloads the casino software for a shot at some real pokies. The vibrant landing page gives you directions on where to go to find the games you want; there's Video Poker, Video Slots, Blackjack and its many variations, Progressive Slots and Specialty Games. Oh - and of course let us not forget the Table Games that have been around for hundreds to thousands of years! You will find Roulette, Baccarat, 21 and the other Classics much to your liking - especially the Live Dealer options.

So - what kind of games can you expect here at Bodog Casino? Well, since the providers are some of the most famous around in the online space, strap yourself into your seat (assuming you're gaming from your workstation), or if you're on the go, and fire up your mobile device. Games from Bovada Gaming - which also has a SportsBook for you serious racetrack gamblers - as well as Rival Gaming and Real Time Gaming are on tap here. Each of these providers have a large library of 3D Slots, Progressive Slots, Classic Slots, and many, many others. In fact, you can even locate the 7 reel slots that have sprung up on and begun to become really popular among the veteran gamers. As far as system support is concerned, you can play on Windows, Android, Apple iOS and Blackberry (who the heck still uses Blackberry?!?). Just go to the Bodog Casino website and click on the Instant Gaming banner for free access; you can only win fun money in this mode, however. If you wish to win real cash, then you'll need to download, make an account with a new password and username, and then deposit the minimum amount necessary to get the Welcome Bonus.

What Can You Expect at Bodog Casino?

We hinted at this earlier; but if you decide to go full-tilt and download the software, then you just might be privy to the 100% Welcome Match Bonus that's available for deposits up to and including $600.Bodog has a popularity ranking of 10, which is the highest possible and guarantees that you'll find great gaming options here. These include i-Slots and Real Series Slots from RTG, and more than a few selections from Bovada. The latter has been around the online casino playing space for over a decade, during which they software makers have won several awards for producing top-notch titles to the public.Some of the many themes and templates cover Ancient Hellenistic Mythologies; including those of the Black Minoans and Etruscans (these darker Greeks are often neglected in conventional historical works), as well as the lighter Greeks of Alexander's time. Egypt is a popular theme, and thus there are many video slots that act as odes to the Ancient Pharaohs. More modern-inclined slots will cover vacations such as Safari ventures, as well as trips to the deep sea for Spanish treasures. There's literally nothing you can't find at Bodog when it comes to slot themes.

The Table Games, on the other hand, represent a cool respite from the vibrant and churning graphics of the video pokies. All manner of Blackjack and Video Poker titles are inside the lobby once you make it here, and from there you can locate a multitude of table game variations. Blackjack, not surprisingly, has the highest Return to Player value and Hit frequency, with poker in close second place. These values represent your chances of getting lucky; a more in-depth explanation can be found on the web.

Video Slots Introduction - with Examples

We promised you video slots, and thus we aim to deliver. Come on into Bodog Casino in earnest, by downloading for complete access to the entire library of pokies and what they have to offer (cash and prizes). After you make an account, you will be eligible to receive a wad of House Cash that depends on just how much you're willing to deposit. Use this to start your winning streak! The following handful of slots are just an inkling of what's in store for you as surf through this section and find all the slot themes you desire.

  1. 12 Zodiacs Slots: In nearly every civilization, the arrangement of the constellations has signified some form of worship. Astrology and its antecedents are not merely New Age pronouncements started by the Near East religions, after all. In this 5 reel, 18 payline video slot, you will experience all the wonders of the horoscope and have a chance to win prizes along with some cash, to boot. It's a progressive-type of slot, too, which means that there are many different ways to win the big prizes, which keep on growing in size until a lucky player triggers the windfall. You can wager between $0.01 and $5.00 on 12 Zodiacs Slots, which runs exclusively on the Habanero software suite and has been leased to Bodog Casino for your online enjoyment. When coupled with free spins, multipliers and more, it doesn't even need a bonus game to maintain your investment of time, energy and possibly money (assuming you triggered the download and made a wager). The way that the slot makers rendered the dozen zodiac signals in this Pokey is magnificent, and the colorways will truly entice you if you have an appreciation for art. The game board takes place in an ancient Chinese Temple guarded by golden lion statues and the overall experience is modified with an immersive sonic landscape. As for the symbols on the reels, you'll find all of the regulars accounted for from the Chinese constellation of stars: a golden bowl, a fearsome Tiger, a very identifiable Dragon after the Chinese fashion of luck-grantor, a representative of the Year of the Rat, a slithering snake, a rooster, a peeking dog, swine, horses, monkeys goats and various moon phases. The substitute symbol in this game is none other than the Full Moon which was put in the sky by the gods to represent signs and times. It can appear on every single real except for the first one, and will help you finish a winning combination and triple your payout. Check out 12 Zodiacs Slots tonight for a throwback video slot to Ancient Chinese times.
  2. 5 Lucky Lions Slots:Another entry into the huge Bodog Casino library of games is the uproarious 5 Lucky Lion Slots. This has a definitive Chinese art theme that runs rampant throughout the game board, and can be played both for free or for real money through download in the latter. The first symbol looks to be a Cinnamon Lion, and six of a kind of the Cinnamon Lion symbol pays you 1000 gold coins; five Cinnamon Lion symbols pay you 500 gold coins, if you land four of these Lion symbols you win 100 gold coins, and three of a kind of the Cinnamon Lion symbols pay you 50 gold coins. Of a similarly high payout value is the Pink Lion symbol, which for six of a kind pays you 900 gold coins; five Pink Lion symbols pays you 450 gold coins, four Pink Lion symbols pay you 80 gold coins, and three of a kind of the Pink Lion icons are worth 40 gold coins. Sliding into third base we have a Orange Lion symbol that pays you 800 gold coins for six of a kind on the reels at the same time; or you win 400 gold coins if you land five Orange Lions, 60 gold coins for four Orange Lion icons, and 40 gold coins become yours from the pay table if you land three of a kind of the Orange Lions symbols. Closing out this short summary we have both the Purple Lion and the Green Lion - all of these big cats of various colors reminds us of the old 1980s hero Voltron. Six of a kind of the Purple one pays you 700 gold coins, five Purple Lion symbols pays you 350 gold coins, four Purple Lions pays you 55 gold coins, and three Purple Lions pays you 30 gold coins. As for the green one, six of a kind pays you 600 gold coins, five of a kind of the Green Lion symbol is worth 300 gold coins, four pays you 50 gold coins, and three of them pays you 30 gold coins. The so-called Low Win Symbols are comprised of the Ace, King, Queen, Joker, 10 and 9 poker card entrants.Respectively, for six of a kind of the Ace you win 500 coins on down to 20 gold coins for three of a kind. For six of a kind of the King symbol you win 500 gold coins down to 20 gold coins for three of a kind; six Queen poker card suits pays you 300 gold coins down to 10 gold coins if you land just three Coins; six of a kind of the Joker card get you 200 gold coins down to 10 gold coins for three, six of a kind of the 10 and the 9 symbols pays you 100 gold coins respectively - down to just 5 gold coins if you land three of either one. Download now.
  3. 7 Lucky Dwarfs Slots:We rarely associate the workers at the North Pole with jobs that consist of anything other than getting ready for the season with the pagan God Santa Claus. However, this 5 reel, 20 pay ways slot with the fixed pay lines 6 to delve deeper into their mishaps and the general elements of their lives. They still carry their shovels and pickax is everywhere they go, since they appear to have been bred purely for work. You've got dwarves, elves, and reindeer running everywhere on this Pokey trying to mind my gems for Santa Claus, so that he can apparently trade them in at an Arctic pawnshop for money to buy the gifts for all the good children of the world. What a strange transaction! You'll even find Snow White here - and although she seems somewhat out of place, it's all in keeping with the ferry fantastic wonderland of 7 Lucky Dwarfs Slots. In fact, she serves as the substitute/wild symbol in the game that confers great abilities to the other symbols if she appears to complete a combination for the resulting win and payout. In fact, if you managed to land five of a kind of Snow White at the same time, then you can win a shocking 2000x whatever you bet and the real money option available only through download. Another high-paying symbol is the Wretched Queen who long to be more beautiful than Snow White in the fairytale but could not quite get there. Five of a kind of the Wretched Queen pays you 500x on the payout lines. The other symbols on the reels are comprised of the Seven Lucky Dwarfs insofar as the character icons are concerned; as for the Low Win Symbols, the usual suspects make their presence known as the poker card jackets. To spice the game up even further, you can tap into the Seven Lucky Dwarfs Bonus Feature using the scattered Mirror icon. It is activated randomly, and only shows up on the second reel the first time you get it; each consecutive time, however, it can dominate the fifth, fourth and first reels to garner you a huge number of wins if you get lucky.What's there left to say? Download 7 Lucky Dwarfs Slots tonight.
  4. Africa Goes Wild Slots: There are few things that are in greater anticipation then a Motherland Slot such as Africa Goes Wild. It is a Safari-themed pokey sporting 5 reels and 1024 pay lines with substitute symbols and scatters to further enhance what's available through the game board. The wild symbol is an assortment of the five big game hunter animals on the reels: the African lion, the African elephant, the Cape Buffalo, the rhinoceros and the extremely powerful and elusive leopard (despite the relatively small size of the latter). If you land five of a kind of the wild/substitute symbol you come into 500 game credits; four of the big game hunter symbols pays you 100 game credits, three of a kind of the substitute symbol is worth 50 game credits by itself, and two wild symbols pays you 10 game credits. The first of the regular character symbols is the King of the Jungle; five of a kind of this pays you 300 game credits. If you land four of the Kingdom of the Jungle Cat symbols you win 100 game credits, three of a kind of the King of the Jungle Pays you 50 game credits, and two African Lion symbols pays you 10 game credits. The next of the big game animals that are most challenging to hunters is the Bull Elephant; five of a kind pays you 150 game credits, for four Bull Elephant symbols you win 80 game credits, and three of a kind of the Bull Elephant is worth 30 game credits. Next we have the Rhinoceros symbol; five of them pays you 150 game credits, for four of a kind of the Rhinoceros icon you win 80 game credits, and three Rhinoceros symbols pays you 30 game credits. Also known as the Black Death in Africa because of the number of people killed every year, the Cape Buffalo pays you 120 game credits for five of a kind of the reels simultaneously; for four Cape Buffalo symbols you win 70 game credits, and if three Cape Buffalo symbols get you 20 game credits. Lastly there's the elusive Leopard Cat; five of a kind pays you 120 game credits, for four of a kind your paid 70 game credits, and three elusive Leopard Cats are worth 20 game credits.
  5. Age of Caesar Slots:The name Caesar Augustus is linked to many legends during the current age of the Edomites. His kingdom, after all, spend much of the known world after Iron Rome took over the kingdom that Alexander the Greek had built. Many Slots bear his Royal name - including this most recent one called Age of Caesar Slots. It's a journey through ancient Rome and the characters will be recognizable by any lover of that particular brand of history. The first symbol on the reels is a Roman soldier decked out in full battle gear. If you managed to get five of a kind of the Roman soldier symbol you win an absolutely amazing 3000 gold coins - which is among the very highest that we've seen in any video Slots anywhere. If you land four of a kind of the Roman soldier symbol you win 1500 gold coins, and the final minimum payout is for three of a kind of the Roman soldier at a still incredibly-impressive 600 gold coins. Next in line is a gorgeous Roman lady of the court; five of a kind of the gorgeous lady is worth a 1500 gold coin reward on the pay table; for four of the lovely Roman lady of the court icon you win 900 gold coins, and three of a kind of the lovely Roman lady of the court pays you 600 gold coins. Coming in third place, somewhat surprisingly, is a gold minted coin of Caesar Augustus himself; five of a kind of the gold minted coin bearing his visage pays you 600 gold coins; for of the Caesar Augustus coin patient 300 gold coins, and three of a kind of the gold minted Caesar Augustus coin pays the player 150 gold coins. The fourth and final character icon is the red and gold sigil of the Roman army; this regal banner pays you 600 gold coins if you land five of them at the same time, 300 gold coins for four of them simultaneously, and 150 gold coins for three of a kind of the red and gold Roman sigil on the reels. Everything else is a low-paying symbol represented by the poker card icons. Download age of Caesar Slots at your earliest convenience and get in the game.

Bodog Banking

Banking at Bodog Casino is as as easy as American pie - even though this online casino doesn't operate out of the US! While USA players are accepted, there are certain states that don't yet allow online casino gambling. These include Idaho, Arkansas and Illinois; as well as others listed on the website. If gambling isn't allowed in your state, you'll get a sign saying "Gaming Is Restricted In Your Country" when you try to create an account. For those who reside in places progressive enough to allow adults to make the decision on whether they wish to gamble or not, you can use digital coin such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and CAD. Payment methods include the same above, as well as Mastercard and Visa, Courier Cheque, Wire Transfer and bank transfers.